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Youanmi/Southern Carnarvon seismic and MT workshop Feb 2013

The Youanmi deep seismic reflection survey was acquired across the northern Yilgarn Craton in May andJune 2010. The survey was funded through the Western Australian Government's Royalties for RegionsExploration Incentive Scheme (EIS). Acquisition, processing and interpretation is being managed byGeoscience Australia (GA). The survey builds on the existing network of deep-crustal seismic surveys,and will improve the understanding of the crustal structure of Western Australia.Terrex Seismic Pty Ltd (www.terrexseismic.com), an Australian company based in Perth, carried out theseismic data acquisition. Dynamic Satellite Surveys Pty Ltd undertook transect line survey peggingalong a predefined route prior to the data acquisition phase.

Three individual seismic lines (YU1, YU2 and YU3), along with complementary magnetotelluric (MT) data,were acquired along the Youanmi survey. The lines cross the northern part of the Yilgarn Craton from theNarryer Terrane in the northwest, across major bounding and internal structures of the Youanmi Terraneand into the Kalgoorlie Terrane of the Eastern Goldfields Superterrane. The northwestern end of YU1 iseast of the southern end of line CP3 from the 2010 Capricorn seismic survey. The two surveys are linkedby the Southern Carnarvon Basin seismic survey, acquired by GA in 2011. The eastern end of YU2crosses major structures on the western side of the Eastern Goldfields Superterrane which were alsoimaged by the 2001 Geoscience Australia seismic line (01AGS-NY1), about 120 km to the southeast.

The main objectives for the Youanmi traverse were:

  1. to image deep structure in the Narryer Terrane, the oldest component of the Yilgarn Craton, and the region that contains the oldest known crust in Australia;

  2. to image the contact between the Narryer Terrane and the adjacent, highly mineralized Murchison Domain of the Youanmi Terrane;

  3. to investigate the nature of granite–greenstone contacts and the overall shape, depth, and structure of greenstone belts;

  4. to compare the nature, orientation, and crustal penetration of mineralized and unmineralized structures;

  5. to develop a 3D image of the mafic–ultramafic Windimurra Igneous Complex;

  6. to image the Ida Fault, the boundary between the Youanmi Terrane and the Kalgoorlie Terrane in the Eastern Goldfields Superterrane, and compare the deep structure in the adjacent terranes;

  7. to link with previously acquired deep-crustal seismic traverses in the Eastern Goldfields Superterrane.

The data released comprises pdf images of the preliminary migrated seismic line cross sections, together with ArcMap GIS shapefiles of the seismic shot points and the common depth points (CDP) shown on the cross section images.


Seismic lines

Migration Poster 10GA-YU1

Migration Poster 10GA-YU2

Migration Poster 10GA-YU3

The Youanmi seismic data is now available from Geoscience Australia. For information please contact:

Tristan Kemp
Section Leader Onshore Seismic and MT
Continental Geology and Geophysics
Minerals and Natural Hazards Division
Geoscience Australia
Ph: 02 6249 9029
Mob: 0478 876 260
Fax: 02 6249 9971
email: Tristan.Kemp@ga.gov.au


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Seismic Shot Points

10GA-YU1 Available as ArcMap Shapefile (in a zip)

10GA-YU2 Available as ArcMap Shapefile (in a zip)

10GA-YU3 Available as ArcMap Shapefile (in a zip)

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Record 2013/16 – Youanmi and Southern Carnarvon seismic and magnetotelluric (MT) workshop


Youanmi seismic contact list

Geological Survey of Western Australia

Rick Rogerson
Executive Director
Ph: +61 8 9222 3170
Fax: +61 8 9222 3633

Ian Tyler
Assistant Director - Mapping
Ph: +61 8 9222 3172
Fax: +61 8 9222 3633

Stephen Wyche
Project Manager
Ph: +61 8 9222 3606
Fax: +61 8 9222 3633

Information Centre
1st floor, Mineral House
100 Plain Street
East Perth, Western Australia 6004
Telephone: +61 8 9222 3459 (Publications)
Facsimile: +61 8 9222 3444
Bookshop: www.dmp.wa.gov.au/ebookshop

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