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Capricorn Orogen deep seismic — publications and workshop November 2011

Preliminary interpretations of the three Capricorn Orogen deep crustal seismic lines (10GA–CP1, 10GA–CP2, and 10GA–CP3) were released at a public workshop held at Mineral House on Wednesday 23rd November 2011. The workshop consisted of ten presentations and was accompanied by the release of a series of extended abstracts and geological plates. All of the data including the ten PowerPoint presentations can be downloaded from the links below.

Extended Abstracts and Plates


Migrated Seismic Lines

Both uninterpreted and interpreted, stacked and migrated seismic data and images for lines 10GA–CP1, 10GA–CP2, and 10GA–CP3 are available for download (in multiple formats) from the Geoscience Australia website.

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