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Resources Data Files

These Excel and PDF files (tables, graphs and maps) are used in the production of the Western Australian Minerals and Petroleum Statistics Digest.

Major Commodities


Current and historical data by commodity including graphs.

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Principal Producers

List of major producers and their contact details by commodity.

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Commodity Prices and Exchange Rates

A two year comparison of major commodity prices and US$ and A$ exchange rates from 1996 to current including Trade Weighted Index.

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Pie graphs depicting current Western Australian mineral and petroleum exports by commodity, Western Australian merchandise exports by sector and destination and Australian merchandise exports by state.

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Mineral and Petroleum Titles, Tenements in Force

Ten years data on tenements in force in Western Australia.

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Quantity and Value

Regional and Local Government Area Resources Data

Summary Table

A summary comparison of the past two years quantity and value of minerals and petroleum sales and production.

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Royalty Receipts

Current and historic royalty receipts by major commodity.

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Western Australia versus Australia versus World

Latest available data on selected Western Australian commodities relative to world production.


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