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Documents to help you use TENGRAPH

On this page you will find user Manuals, descriptions of data sets, legend documents and index maps to help you use TENGRAPH.

TENGRAPH Online Help File

The TENGRAPH Online Help File provides a staged approach to developing your TENGRAPH skills and maximising your use of the system.

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Quick Reference Manual

The quick reference manual explains the basic features of the TENGRAPH Online system.

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TENGRAPH Legend Document

The legend document shows the abbreviations and symbols used in TENGRAPH. It is particularly useful for finding the description of mining tenement abbreviations.

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TENGRAPH Map Sheet Index

This state map of Western Australia is useful for finding the locality or map name that can be used to make a TENGRAPH gazetteer or map sheet enquiry.

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Description of Land Type Categories

The TENGRAPH system displays boundaries representing many different land types that can affect access to mineral exploration and mining in Western Australia. This manual contains a detailed description of each of these land types.

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TENGRAPH Topography Currency Dates

Is a table sorted by Map sheet number that shows the date of aerial photography.

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TENGRAPH Cadastre Currency Plan

Is a state map of Western Australia showing the last date the land tenure was updated for a particular region. Please note that the boundaries of all government reserves located outside town sites are updated on a regular basis.

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TENGRAPH Petroleum Titles Help

Describes the features available to view Petroleum Titles in TENGRAPH.

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Mineralisation Zones

Mineralisation Zones are areas of the state that represent Brown Field areas where only 70 Block exploration licence applications are permitted. Outside of these areas (Green Field) 200 block exploration licence applications are permitted.

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