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Western Australian Mineral Exploration Index (WAMEX)

Mineral explorers are required to report annually on their exploration projects under Western Australian legislation. After a period of confidentiality, the exploration reports and data are made publicly available. These are referred to as open-file reports.

WAMEX is a searchable database of open file (public) mineral exploration reports. Access to WAMEX is free and copies of reports are available for download.        

Access the WAMEX search.

NB: Google Chrome does not allow download of documents from WAMEX. The web browser must be Internet Explorer, Safari or Firefox. 

If a search of the database does not produce the open-file reports expected, then a data request can be submitted to the WAMEX staff via wamex.datarequest@dmp.wa.gov.au. Current tenement holders or their agents may request reports that are still confidential.

For all queries, please contact Ann Fitton on 9222 3840 or ann.fitton@dmp.wa.gov.au.


Alternative to downloading WAMEX reports from the website

An external disk drive containing copies of all open file reports is available in the Mineral House Library, Perth and the Joe Lord core library, Kalgoorlie. A copy of this disk drive can be made for individuals or companies. To obtain this service, an empty 2TB external drive is required. Bookings are necessary as the copying takes more than one day. The external drive is updated bi-monthly. Reports released in the last two months will only be available online.


WAMEX Report Lodgement

The Online Reporting Submission system is now available. Access to the system is by EX Login.

If you do not have an EX Login register here. If you already have an EX Login account you can request access to the system by clicking Manage My Account.

Please note you may create a generic company EX Login for submission of reports.

Click here to access the WAMEX Report Lodgement website.


Guidelines for Mineral Exploration Reports for Mining Tenements

These guidelines specify the contents, standards, and formats required in the preparation and submission of mineral exploration reports, in accordance with Section 115A of the Mining Act 1978, (the Act).

Release of reports (Sunset Clause)

Under Regulation 96(4) of the Mining Act, Mineral Exploration Reports held by the Department for five years may be released to Open File.

Contact Information
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Manager, Mineral Exploration Information
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Library Manager
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