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Mining Certificates

Information for those seeking certificates for winding engine drivers, mine surveyors, quarry managers, mine managers and underground supervisors. Includes examination timetable locations, previous exam papers and details of applicable fees and charges.

Issue of certificates of competency

The Mines Safety and Inspection Act 1994 (WA) and regulations allow the issue of Certificates of Competency for a variety of positions. The following processes are used:

  • Board of Examiners - assesses applications after candidates have completed and passed an examination determined by the Board.
  • Mines Survey Board - examines the qualifications, experience and character of persons applying for authorised mine surveyor’s certificates and issues certificates where appropriate.  
  • Mutual recognition - One of the principal purposes of the Mutual Recognition (Western Australia) Act 2010 is to provide the means for promoting the freedom of movement of persons in registered occupations between Australian states.

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Applying for a certificate of competency

Information about how to apply for a certificate of competency in a particular position including examination process, application form and past exam papers is available below:

Authorised mine surveyor

First class mine manager

Quarry manager

Restricted quarry manager

Underground supervisor

Winding engine driver

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Examination dates and locations

Information on the next round of examinations is available below.

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Statutory declaration

In some cases, experience records in the form of statutory declaration may be acceptable in the application process. A statutory declaration form is available below.

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How to obtain a copy of a certificate

To apply for a copy of a certificate, please complete the application form available below:

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Fees and charges

Fees and charges for certificates of competency are provided on page 5 of the fees and charges schedule available below.

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