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Guidelines for Mineral Exploration Reports for Mining Tenements

These guidelines specify the contents, standards, and the formats required in the preparation and submission of mineral exploration reports, in accordance with Section 115A of the Mining Act 1978, (the Act).

Download a copy of the Guidelines for Mineral Exploration Reports on Mining Tenements.

Mineral Exploration Reporting (MRT) software

The MRT software is a tool for adding required header data (metadata) to exploration data to make it compliant with the requirements of the Guidelines.

The Mineral Exploration Reporting Software is available for download from the Data and Software Centre..

NOTE: the current software available is version 1.4.2

How to Organise Exploration Data: Best Practices for Using MRT Software

Examples and templates of how to organise raw data are available for download from the Data and Software Centre page.

Demonstration sessions of the updated MRT software can be arranged by contacting Anne Fitton by email ann.fitton@dmp.wa.gov.au or phone 08 92223840.


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