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Quick Resource Facts

All data is for the 2013-14 financial year unless otherwise stated.

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Quick Resource Facts

Quick Resource Facts

Output of minerals and energy $ million
Western Australia $121,611
Australia (BREE forecast) $188,259
WA minerals $95,082
WA petroleum $26,529


Major West Australian Commodities $ million
Iron Ore $73,732
Petroleum $26,528
Gold $8,841
Alumina $4,256
Nickel $3,450


Crude Oil and Condensate Million barrels
Western Australia 87
Australia 141
WA share 62%


Natural Gas (inc. LNG feedstock and CSG) Million cubic metres
Western Australia 39,441
Australia 60,430
WA share 65%


Merchandise Exports $ million
Western Australia $131,773
Australia $274,525
WA share 48%
WA exports of minerals and energy as % share of all State Merchandise exports 91%


Mineral and Energy Exports $ million
Western Australia $118,684
Australia (BREE estimate) $196,103
WA share 61%


Exploration $ million
Western Australian mineral $1,180
Australian mineral $2,068
WA share 57%
Western Australian petroleum $2,979
Australian petroleum $4,813
WA share 62%


Private New Capital Investment $million
Western Australia $55,956
Australia $157,869
WA share 35%
Western Australian minerals and energy $46,776
Australian minerals and energy $90,339
WA share 52%
Australia GDP 2012-13 $1,523,691
Western Australian GSP 2012-13 $211,050
Mining component of WA GSP * 33%


Data Sources: BREE, ABS, DMP, DSD, CME, NOPTA and EnergyQuest

* Note: The ABS categorise alumina as manufacturing and is not included in the GSP mining component above.

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