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Toolbox Presentations

These presentations have been created to assist industry increase safety awareness on a variety of topics within the workplace. The presentations are made available for non-commercial use (eg toolbox meetings) subject to the condition that the content is not altered without permission from Resources Safety.

These presentations are available in an alternative format. Please contact Resources Safety at rsdcomms@dmp.wa.gov.au if you require an accessible Microsoft Word document version.

Communication and consultation

Construction safety

Dangerous goods



Fatigue management

Hazard identification

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Machinery and plant

Management and supervision

Manual tasks


Occupational health

Personal protective equipment and clothing

Radiation safety

Reporting requirements

Risk management

The 2009 Mines Safety Roadshow presentation on the Earth Moving Equipment Safety Round Table (EMESRT) is available from The University of Queensland’s Minerals Industry Safety and Health Centre website.

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Safety and health representatives and committees

Safety culture

Safety performance

Traffic management



Accompanying handouts