Golden Gecko Awards

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To register your interest for the 2018 Awards for Excellence, please send your contact details to

The Golden Gecko Awards for Environmental Excellence recognise leading practice and innovation in environmental management and provide an opportunity to share experiences between government, industry and the community.

Receiving a Golden Gecko Award also helps to build the reputation of being a responsible corporate citizen with a responsible attitude to the environment. Just participating in the Golden Gecko Awards process has been known to internally increase awareness and interest across an organisation in environmental work.

Since the inception of the awards in 1992, the department has recognised 60 Award and 53 Certificate of Merit recipients.

Over this time, Award winning projects have raised the best practice standard, and thus demonstrated the continual adoption of innovative techniques and skills by industry. Still today, individuals and companies continue to stand out and develop innovative and remarkable solutions to address modern challenges and regulatory requirements.

Details of how to enter the 2018 Golden Gecko Awards will be posted on the Golden Gecko web page early in 2018.

Presentations by the 2017 Golden Gecko entrants

Golden Gecko Awards booklets

2017 Awards for Excellence booklet – Safety & Health, Golden Gecko and Community Partnership Awards - 2384 Kb

2017 Awards for Excellence booklet

Golden Gecko Awards 20 year commemorative booklet - 2757 Kb

Golden Gecko Awards 20 year commemorative booklet

Golden Gecko Awards 15 year commemorative booklet - 841 Kb

Golden Gecko Awards 15 year commemorative booklet

Winner of the 2017 Golden Gecko
2017 Golden Gecko winner Banksia Woodlands – A Restoration Guide for the Swan Coastal Plain - Hanson Construction Materials and Kings Park and Botanic Gardens.