Geoscience Data Transformation


The Program

The Geoscience Data Transformation Strategy was published in January 2021. The Strategy set out the intention to transform, rationalise and modernise the geoscience data collection of the Geological Survey of Western Australia (GSWA).

GSWA manages a priceless collection of geoscientific data on behalf of all Western Australians. Our stakeholders (industry, academia, government, and the public) trust this data; it is the key to the hidden mineral and energy resources potential of our State. 

The Geoscience Data Transformation Program (GDTP, the Program) was established to make the intentions of the Strategy a reality. The five-year, multi-phased program, has an operating budget of $10.6 million. GDTP outcomes will be progressively released with final implementation ready in 2026.

The Objectives

The Program will deliver a range of technical, operational and strategic improvements to create the most advanced geoscience-intelligent dataset in Australia. We will increase data accessibility and functionality of our data for all users, now and in the future.

This will be achieved by:

  • Aligning the Program with the WA Government’s ICT Cloud Policy
  • Utilising modern data structure and storage management options that allow adaptive responses to future technologies and demands
  • Increasing connectivity between different datasets to improve data interrogation and sharing
  • Enhancing the transformation of data into information discovery for business development and innovation opportunities
  • Creating a unified and standardised framework that accommodates and manages all geoscience data requirements
  • Improving the user experience to include self-service capabilities

These four elements form the foundation of the development of an operating framework as detailed below:



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