EIS government co-funded Energy Analysis Program

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The Co-funded Energy Analysis Program (EAP) is an Exploration Incentive Scheme (EIS) program for petroleum and geothermal companies. The program makes funding available for analysis of existing State resources (core, sidewall core, cuttings, and oil, condensate, water, and gas samples) and for re-analysis of existing data (e.g. reprocessing or desktop studies) to achieve better resolution and understanding of petroleum and geothermal systems. The program offers up to a 50% refund, up to $50,000 per application.



Analysis programs that will be eligible for co-funding include:

  • Analysis of physical samples
  • Reprocessing (e.g. seismic)
  • Desktop or data studies

The following activities will not be eligible for co-funding under the EAP:

  • Drilling campaigns
  • Wireline and sampling conducted during operational activities
  • Acquisition surveys (e.g. seismic, magnetic, geochemical surveys)

Funding for drilling programs is allocated separately, please see Co-funded Exploration Drilling program.


Allocation of grants follows a competitive process, with marks assigned against the criteria as detailed in the application form submitted. Applications are then ranked according to the total marks gained. Grants are offered until the exhaustion of available funding, which is capped at $250,000 per round.




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