Assessment criteria

To register your interest for the 2018 Awards for Excellence, please send your contact details to

Nominations for the 2017 Safety and Health Resources Sector Awards are now closed.

Entries should address the judging criteria which will consider the application of risk management principles. Specific criteria for both rounds of judging are outlined below.


  • A brief description of the specific problem outlining how it was identified and the potential safety and health consequences
  • If the innovation was not designed in response to a specific problem, a description of how the safety and health initiative or improvement opportunity was identified or developed.


A description of:

  • strategies and initiatives developed to address the problem
  • methods used to assess the risks relating to the problem, assisting development of the solution
  • how the solution has been implemented across the site/organisation
  • approach and involvement of the site’s resources and employees
  • how the solution was trialled and tested
  • whether an assessment has identified new hazards since implementation of the solution and subsequent management strategies
  • how the hierarchy of hazard controls has been applied, where relevant.

Benefits and/or effects

  • A description of the safety and health benefits or outcomes
  • A description of the factors affecting its use and effectiveness
  • Provision of supporting data demonstrating the benefits/effects achieved.

Transferability across industry

  • A description of the potential for the innovation to be applied, modified or transferred to other settings or industries
  • A description of any key learnings from the development/implementation of the innovation which can be shared with broader industry to promote safety and health.


  • The application of creative thinking to address the problem or initiative.

The design of any device entered, should be checked by an appropriately qualified designer/engineer. Please attach subsequent report to the additional information section of the submission form.