Guidance about ground control

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What is ground control?

Ground control is the methodology applied to eliminate, or reduce as far as reasonably practicable, the risks associated with various forms of ground movement in surface and underground mines.

The department has produced guidelines and audits to help industry manage ground control in open pit and underground mines.

Guidance for ground control in Western Australian mines

Ground control for Western Australian mining operations - 1427 Kb

This code of practice is designed to outline the regulatory expectations for minimising workforce exposure to hazardous ground movements.

Ground control management in Western Australian mining operations - guideline - 1223 Kb

This guideline provides more detail about the control measures that can be taken to eliminate or mitigate hazards associated with unplanned ground movement.

Guidance for open pits and quarries

Open pit mining through underground workings - guideline - 529 Kb

Open pit mining through underground workings - guideline: This guideline offers advice on the issues that should be addressed when open pit mines are excavated through abandoned underground workings, or in close proximity to current underground workings.

Guidance for underground mines

Surface rock support for underground mine - code of practice - 111 Kb

Surface rock support for underground mine - code of practice: This code introduces the requirement to install surface rock support in high headings in all Western Australian underground mines.

Underground barring down and scaling - guideline - 271 Kb

Underground barring down and scaling - guideline: This guideline has been issued to assist in the development of procedures relating to scaling of loose or potentially unstable rock in underground metalliferous mines.

Working at height in underground mines - guideline - 1281 Kb

This guideline should be used by anyone planning, supervising or conducting work at height in underground mines.


The following high impact function (HIF) audits are designed to cover the standards associated with the safe development, operation and closure of open pit and underground operations from a geotechnical perspective.

Geotechnical considerations open pit – audit guide - 596 Kb

This audit guide provides information on the open pit geotechnical consideration template audit

Geotechnical considerations underground – audit guide - 660 Kb

This audit guide provides information on the underground geotechnical consideration template audit

Frequently asked questions on self-auditing of mining activities - information sheet - 942 Kb

This information sheet outlines the frequently asked questions on self-auditing of mining activities.


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Certain incidents associated with ground control are notifiable.