WA Geology — geology mapping app for mobile devices

geology mapping app for mobile devicesGSWA has released a mobile web application called WA Geology. The WA Geology application is a free, device-independent Geographical Information Systems (GIS) viewer which provides viewing, querying and integration of a wide range of Western Australian geoscience and resource datasets via mobile phones and tablets.

This information includes:

The viewing tool is based on the Geocortex Viewer for HTML5 framework. HTML5 markup language provides wide-ranging browser support making the application device independent. The Stage 1 release provides a URL connection that can be copied and pasted into the mobile device web browser and will permit viewing of the datasets while connected to a network. Stage 2 will enable the caching of datasets to enable viewing while offline.

Most mobile devices support location information via inbuilt GPS functionality, which combined with WA Geology’s geoscience and resource information, makes your mobile device a valuable accessory for geology and land-use mapping. Other tools include:

WA Geology provides a new means of delivering the State’s geoscience and resource information.

A familiarity with your mobile device is presumed. No specific GIS or database knowledge is required.

There is no app to download. Cut and paste the URL <wageology.dmp.wa.gov.au/wageology> into your mobile device web browser or visit the WA Geology web page (www.dmp.wa.gov.au/wageology).

GSWA database training

There are still spaces left for Kalgoorlie database training on 18 June!

GSWA database trainingThere are only a few spaces left for the free training session scheduled for Kalgoorlie on Thursday 18 June 2015. The session is hosted by the Department of Mines and Petroleum to demonstrate current online systems. This is your opportunity to try these services for yourself and chat with the staff who create and manage them.

The format is an interactive presentation which includes:

The morning session will be a basic introduction of how to use all the programs. During the afternoon session, participants will be able to get more in-depth practice using the programs with their own examples, and get some one-on-one advice about individual issues. A hands-on demonstration of the MRT software for preparing drilling and sampling data in the correct format for submission to DMP is available on request.

Between the morning and afternoon sessions DMP will provide a ‘lunch and learn’ session to raise awareness on interesting and new items.  This session will include tips and bits on navigating the DMP website – online systems; forms, guidelines and policy and prospectors’ safety, plus other interesting stuff.  It is also an opportunity to talk to DMP staff about what’s concerning you.

Venue: Room 102 (computer lab), Goldfields Institute of Technology, Centre for Engineering and Mining Training (CEMT), Australian Prospectors and Miners Hall of Fame, Kalgoorlie

Any updates can be found here.

Places for these sessions are limited so register NOW! Email your details to <publications@dmp.wa.gov.au>.

Spotlight on Mineral Resource Bulletin 26

Graphite in Western Australia
by Mike Fetherston

Spotlight on Mineral Resource Bulletin 26 Western Australia has many known graphite prospects. Previously, only small tonnages were mined, mostly from the Munglinup deposit in the far south of the State. Currently, two Australian companies are well advanced in the exploration for new high-grade, flake graphite deposits. In the east Kimberley region, the McIntosh deposit has been identified as having five high-grade graphite targets.

Two of the most advanced graphite projects are the McIntosh deposit in the Halls Creek Orogen, and the Yalbra deposit in the Gascoyne. Both are in Proterozoic metamorphic rocks.

This publication is available from the eBookshop as a free download, or for purchase as a hard copy from the eBookshop, or from the First Floor counter at Mineral House, 100 Plain Street, East Perth, WA 6004.

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