Thursday 10 December 2015

Yalgoo 2015 airborne magnetic and radiometric survey — final dataYalgoo 2015 airborne magnetic and radiometric survey

Final data from the regional airborne magnetic and radiometric survey at 100 m line spacing completed in September 2015 will be available for free download as follows:

Grids and images via GSWA's interactive mapping application, GeoVIEW.WA. Search under the 'Government Airborne Surveys' layer for 'registration number' = 71091.

Point-located ('vector') data and grids from the Geophysical Archive Data Delivery System (GADDS)
(GA Project Number 1269)

Requests for the data on hard media may be submitted via the GSWA Open-File Geophysical Data Request Form. Media charges apply: USB flash drive —$55; external hard drive — $132.

Yalgoo 2015 airborne magnetic and radiometric survey

Most recent geophysical data releases

Date                  Survey                                                                                          Data status
30 Jul 2015       Ngururrpa 2015 ground gravity survey (R1019)                         Final
17 Dec 2014     Sir Samuel – Throssell 2014 ground gravity survey (R1018)    Final

Access to previously released geophysical data

Images and grid data from previous geophysical releases can be found via GSWA's GSWA's interactive mapping application, GeoVIEW.WA by searching in the relevant layer under the 'Geophysical Surveys' group.

Point-located and grid data can be purchased on physical media from Geoscience Australia or downloaded free of charge through the Geophysical Archive Data Delivery System (GADDS).

GSWA database training dates for 2016

GSWA database training dates for 2016

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Thursday 3 March
Thursday 9 June
Thursday 27 October

Thursday 10 March
Thursday 16 June
Thursday 3 November

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GSWA Open Day 2016

GSWA Open Day 2016

DMP releases new website

DMP releases new website

It's here! We are pleased to announce the launch of our brand new website. The site has many new features and enhancements including a greatly improved search function. It has been designed with our clients and stakeholders in mind. Its design is focused on being user-centric and intuitive. Check it out here!

Spotlight on a product — 3D Geomodel Series

The Geological Survey of Western Australia (GSWA) has just released the first two in its inaugural 3D Geomodel Series. They include a full representation of the area in three dimensions as well as the standard 2D digital data suite. All aspects of the model can be viewed with Geoscience Analyst, an easy-to-use free third-party viewing software that is included with the package. The 3D content is included in widely used file formats for import into the users’ own software. GSWA’s publication of 3D geological models will enable a better understanding of Earth’s structure, and an improved knowledge base to underpin exploration for mineral and energy resources.

Spotlight on a product

The two 3D Geomodel Series products released are for Windimurra and Sandstone. These regions, located in the northern Yilgarn Craton, have known deposits of vanadium and gold. The models enhance exploration potential for more gold, platinum group elements, nickel and copper.

The digital models are available on a USB flash drive that contains all the software for viewing the models in 3D and also includes detailed background information in the accompanying GSWA records and in the 2D GIS components of the digital packages. Information will be on the DMP eBookshop soon. Note that the free third-party viewing software is compatible with Microsoft Windows (64 bit) 7, 8 and 10.

ENS digital repository hosts all stratigraphic units

ENS digital repository hosts all stratigraphic units

The Explanatory Notes System (ENS) is a digital repository that integrates stratigraphic relationships with links to all tectonic units and events recognized in Western Australia. It replaces the previously published Explanatory Notes manuscripts that accompanied individual 1:100 000 and 1:250 000 Geological Series maps. The system allows incremental updates for new data and refined interpretations, providing a seamless, up-to-date summary of the geology of Western Australia. It is a virtual Explanatory Notes for Western Australian geology. The best way to learn its capabilities is to have a play with ENS in GeoVIEW.WA — point-and-shoot or via icons and text searches.

Check it out here!

Latest releases


Record 2015/8 Detrital zircon geochronology of upper Ediacaran to lower Cambrian deposits (Supersequence 4) western Amadeus Basin: testing revised stratigraphic correlations
by PW Haines, MTD Wingate, CL Kirkland and HJ Allen

by I Zibra

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