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This is the best value conference in Perth with loads of free giveaways and essential geological updates for the industry.

Cost: $110 (fee includes lunch, morning and afternoon teas, and a sundowner)

GSWA Open Day 2017 - presentation timetable

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Co-funded Drilling Program Round 15 opens on 24 February

Round Round 15 opens 15 of the Exploration Incentive Scheme (EIS) Co–funded Drilling Program will be open for online applications from 24 February 2017.

The online system for applications for co-funding of drilling projects to be undertaken in the 2017–18 financial year, will open on 24 February and will close at 5 pm (WST) on 7 April 2017.

More information is available at when the website is updated on 24 February, or from Margaret Ellis, Coordinator EIS, or (08) 9222 3509.

Geophysical data releases — Thursday 23 February 2017

Thursday Geophysical data releases 23 February 2017

Final data from the East Kimberley regional aerogravity survey at 2.5 km line spacing completed in December 2016 will be available via GSWA’s interactive mapping application, GeoVIEW.WA (search in the ‘Government airborne surveys’ layer for ‘registered number = 71156’). The dataset will include point data, grids and georeferenced images

Vector (point-located) and gridded data will also be available from

An update of the gravity anomaly compilation grid of Western Australia will be available for download from This 2017 update will include grids made from: the new East Kimberley data; recently released company aerogravity data in the Canning Basin; and GSWA’s Wiluna 2016 ground gravity data released in November 2016.

Expansion of core library a boost for exploration

Core library

There is new life in one of government’s important but often overlooked assets in the resources sector — the Perth Core Library. This was recognized when Mines and Petroleum Minister Hon. Sean L’Estrange officially opened the new $7.3 million extension to the core library on 2 November 2016.

The Department of Mines and Petroleum (DMP) facility in Carlisle stores drillcore samples that can be studied by researchers and explorers seeking new petroleum and mineral discoveries. The previous capacity of more than 8600 pallets of core has been almost doubled to 15 400 pallets.

‘The Perth Core Library is a vital resource for geologists, other scientists, and anybody who is interested in exploring for minerals and resources in Western Australia,’ Mr L’Estrange said.

‘The library would have reached full capacity this year if the State Government had not funded the expansion.’ The expanded facility now has sufficient capacity to store the forecast delivery of core and cuttings until about 2033.

‘We have also completed a new covered viewing area that was previously open to the elements, as well as a dedicated area to house the state-of-the-art HyLogger spectral scanner used to analyse drillcore.’

The Minister said that there had been a 300% increase in viewing of core samples during the past 10 years. The added capacity and space would reduce current waiting times and make it easier to access the core samples.

‘The precompetitive geoscience information provided through the core library promotes the mineral and energy prospectivity of the State, and encourages innovative research and more targeted, lower cost exploration for mineral and petroleum resources,’ Mr L’Estrange said.

Some interesting statistics on the expansion project are as follows:

For more information, contact Don Flint (

GSWA database and online systems FREE training — 2017 dates

Find out how to access geoscience data online and understand our systems at this FREE training course.

Systems include:

The Perth training has been divided into separate sessions: one for mining companies/geologists (morning) and one for prospectors (afternoon).

The Kalgoorlie training is open to anyone (full day).

To register for this free training, send an email to including your details (name, company name, telephone number), with the location and date of the training you wish to attend. For the Perth session, please indicate whether you wish to attend the mining companies/geologists (morning) or prospectors (afternoon) training.

New releases

Report 164 Geology of the eastern zone of the Lamboo Province, Halls Creek Orogen, Western Australia
by Phillips, C, Orth, K, Hollis, JA, Kirkland, CL and Bodorkos, S

Record 2016/14 Mineralogy of gold from the Paulsens and Mount Olympus deposits, northern Capricorn Orogen, Western Australia
by Hancock, EA and Thorne, AM                             

Record 2016/15 Regolith chemistry of the Dambimangari area, west Kimberley (includes accompanying zipped files)
by Morris, PA, Scheib, AJ and de Souza Kovacs, N

Record 2016/16 Mapping iron ore alteration patterns in banded iron-formation using hyperspectral data: Beebyn deposit, Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia
by Duuring, P and Laukamp, C

Record 2016/17 Mapping iron ore alteration patterns in banded iorn-formation using hyperspectral data: Windarling iron camp, Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia
by Duuring, P and Laukamp, C

Record 2016/18 Mapping iron ore alteration patterns in banded iron-formation using hyperspectral data: drillhole PK11DD001, Mt Richardson, Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia
by Duuring, P and Laukamp, C

Record 2016/19 Mapping iron ore alteration patterns in banded iron-formation using hyperspectral data: drillhole PK12DD001, Mt Richardson, Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia
by Duuring, P and Laukamp, C

Record 2016/22 Petrology and geochemistry of the Eoarchaean Manfred Complex: origin and components
by Rowe, ML

Fieldnotes: A Geological Survey of Western Australia newsletter 2017 January issue 81                  

Western Australia atlas of mineral deposits and petroleum fields 2017
Compiled by Cooper, RW, Wyche, NL, Strong, CA, Day, LJ, Jones, JA and Irimies, F

1:100 000 GEOLOGICAL SERIES MAPS                                      
Woodley, WA Sheet 2642

Wonyulgunna, WA Sheet 2848                                            

Geological interpretation of the Madura and Coompana Provinces along the Eucla–Gawler seismic and magnetotelluric line 13GA-EG1
by Spaggiari, CV, Dutch, RA, Doublier, MP, Pawley, MJ, THiel, S, Wise, TW, Kennet, BLN, Gessner, K, Smithies, RH, Hozschuh, J and Clark, DJ

Major resource projects, Western Australia — 2017
by Cooper, RW, Wyche, NL, Strong, C, Day, LJ, Jones, JA and Irimies, F

Mines — operating and under development, Western Australia — 2017
by Cooper, RW, Strong, CA, Wyche, NL, Day, LJ and Jones JA

Manganese deposits of the Pilbara and Capricorn regions — 2016

Rocklea Inlier, 2016: 3D Geomodel Series

Western Capricorn, 2016: Geological Information Series

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