East Kimberley 2016 aerogravity survey — horizontal component data

Horizontal gravity components measured by the Sander Geophysics’ AIRGrav system in the East Kimberley 2016 aerogravity survey were released on 20 April 2017. The horizontal component datasets and a short supplementary technical report by Sander Geophysics have been added to the survey data package that can be downloaded from the Geo Downloads website.

The horizontal component data complement the vertical gravity data released on 23 February 2017 and can be used to provide an estimate of the variation of the gravity vector and gradient tensor over the survey area. Note that the gravity components are defined using an east–north-up system where the normal gravity of the earth is a vector pointing upwards.

Figure 1 shows images of the three components of the 2500m-spatially filtered ‘gravity anomaly vector’ as measured in Cartesian coordinate space (Gx, Gy, Gz). The values used have been taken from the following located datasets:

Component Path in data package Channel name
Gz — …\Z_Component\Located_data\ASEG-GDF2\GRAV.DAT GrvBGL2500m_267
Gx — …\E_N_Components\Located_data\ASEG-GDF2\GRAV_EN.DAT GRVBGL2500M_267-E
Gy — …\E_N_Components\Located_data\ASEG-GDF2\GRAV_EN.DAT GRVBGL2500M_267-N

Also shown in Figure 1 are the Cartesian components transformed to spherical coordinates as total magnitude, azimuth from north, and inclination from the vertical, where:

EK component equations

Figure 2 shows images of the six independent components of the anomaly tensor computed as the gradients of the measured Gx, Gy, Gz values in each of the three directions:


Also shown in Figure 2 is an image of the 3D analytical signal, EK component equation

The derived images in Figures 1 and 2 in georeferenced jp2 format and their source grids in ERMappper format are also included in the updated survey data package under the ‘Derived_grids’ directory.


Figure 1. East Kimberley 2016 aerogravity survey — anomaly vector data

Cartesian coordinates (top); spherical coordinates (bottom); 100 km grid lines


Figure 2. East Kimberley 2016 aerogravity survey — anomaly tensor data


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