FREE database and online systems training

Learn how to access geoscience data online and understand the department’s systems at these FREE training sessions.

Topics include:

A desktop computer will be available for each participant.


The Perth training has been divided into separate sessions: one for advanced (morning) and one for beginners (afternoon).

ADVANCED — morning
Welcome and web systems
Questions and activities

BEGINNERS — afternoon
Welcome and web systems
Questions and activities


The Kalgoorlie training is open to anyone (full day).

When you register, please include your details (name, company name, telephone number), with the name, location and date of the training you wish to attend. For the Perth sessions, please indicate whether you wish to attend the advanced (morning) or beginners (afternoon) training.

New releases

Report 189Major Resource Projects 2019
A magnetotelluric survey across the east Albany–Fraser Orogen, Western Australia
by Spratt, J, Dentith, MC and Spaggiari, CV

Major resources projects, Western Australia – 2019
by Cooper, RW, Jones, JA, Wyche, NL, Strong, CA Dunbar, JR and Irimies, F

Mines – operating and under development, Western Australia – 2019
by Cooper, RW, Jones, JA, Strong, CA, Wyche, NL and Dunbar, JR

Data package
East Albany–Fraser Orogen 3D, 2018: 3D Geomodel Series

GSWA 2019 Open Day
GSWA hosted its annual Open Day on Friday 22 February 2019. Find all material from the Open Day including GSWA 2019 extended abstracts, posters, presentations and products released between 1 July 2017 and
22 February 2019 on our web page.

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The cover of Bulletin 146 The geology of Shark Bay Discovery trails to early Earth Geology and landforms of the Perth region Cover of The birth of supercontinents Cover of the book

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MRB 17 Barite and fluorite in Western AustraliaFREE
MRB 19 Kaolin in Western AustraliaFREE
MRB 20 Bentonite, attapulgite, and common clays in Western AustraliaFREE
MRB 21 Silica resources of Western AustraliaFREE
MRB 22 Tantalum in Western AustraliaFREE
MRB 23 Dimension stone in Western Australia: Volume 1FREE
MRB 24 Dimension stone in Western Australia: Volume 2FREE

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Fieldnotes April 2019 number 90 — available now

Fieldnotes Cover The April 2019 issue of Fieldnotes is now available.

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