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'Confidential Access' is a new level of security that has been introduced into Mineral Titles OnLine (MTOL) that enables registered tenement holders (or their nominated agents) to view tenement title detail that is of a confidential nature.

In the past, MTOL has provided only publicly available information regarding tenements. With 'Confidential Access', the registered holder of a tenement can view tenement information that was previously only available by contacting the department. In addition, the registered holder will be able to nominate other users who will also be able to view this information.

The new functionality will provide the authorised registered holder or nominated agent with the ability to manage who has access to viewing this information regarding their tenements.

Initially, the main advantage of having 'Confidential Access' will be the ability of an authorised user to view in-depth tenement application and tracking  information. In future, it will also be used to facilitate electronic lodgment of Mining Act forms and provide detail of other approval processes.

'Confidential Access' functionality will not be automatically issued to registered holders. Rather, for security reasons, it will involve a formal application and subsequent approval through the department.

Types of Confidential Access

There are two basic types of Confidential Access available to external MTOL users:


This level of access may be granted to a Mineral Titles On Line user by the department following application by the registered tenement holder (see making an Application for Confidential Access).

Once authorised, a CA Administrator will be able to view confidential data for all of the tenements held by the registered holder but in addition, will be able to authorise and manage other MTOL users to be able to see confidential detail for tenements held by that holder.  This type of Confidential Access can be given to the registered tenement holder or to a person anointed by the holder.

This level of access is granted by a Confidential Access Administrator and allows the user to view confidential data for some (Confidential Access User - Restricted) or all (Confidential Access User - Full) of the tenements for a registered holder.  The user with this access level cannot authorise other users to use Confidential Access.

Note: If a registered holder acquires tenements via new applications or transfer for example, the new tenement/s will be automatically added to the list of tenements that can be accessed where the user has been authorised for all tenements (Confidential Access User - Full).  For a Confidential Access User - Restricted, the acquired tenements will need to be added manually.  The acquired tenement will always be automatically added to the access rights of the Confidential Access Administrator.

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