Exemptions and Agreements

Exemptions and Agreements Summary - (External)

This page provides information on Exemptions and Agreements for exploration and mining.  The summary page displays active, exemptions and agreements that are incomplete or under assessment.  Historical agreements / exemptions that are currently in place are also available on the summary page.

SRS security roles of Company Administrator or Company Representative (Approvals /Exemptions and Agreements) is required.  For further information on how to obtain security roles contact the SRS Company Administrator at the mine site or exploration company.  Refer to SRS registrations.


The grid displays Exemptions and Agreements in the status of Incomplete or submitted to the Department and under assessment. 

The grid displays Exemptions and Agreements historical exemptions / agreements at the mine site operation exploration company that are active.

The grid displays historical exemptions / agreements  in the status of Declined, Withdrawn, Revoked or Expired.

Video Tutorials 

Agreement - How to submit a new Agreement to operate without a Quarry or Underground Manager

Specific Mines Safety Exemptions How to submit a new Exemption

Further information

Click the links below for information found on the Department website:

Agreement to operate without an underground manager 

Agreement to operate without a quarry manager

Applying for a mines safety exemption

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