Exceedance Action

Exceedance Action - (External)

The Exceedance Action tab within the sample lists exceedance for the sample.

The contributory factor are listed in the exceedance action grid:

To open:
Click the open icon.

To view details in a readable format:
Click the pop up summary icon to view the exceedance in a new browser.

To Edit:
Click the edit pencil icon. This opens the Edit Exceedance Action dialog box.

Update the information and choose the status from the dropdown.
Click Update.

Note: The edit pencil is only available depending on the status of the submission sample and the status of the contributory factor.  See the chart illustrated below.


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When can you update an exceedance?

A Contributory Factor (E.g. CF-123-45678) is created when the investigation details have been entered for an exceedance in an individual sample. 

The Edit button is available in the contributory factor depending on:
  • The status of the individual sample to which the CF is associated to;  and
  • The status of the contributory factor.

The following chart illustrates when a contributory factor can be edited. 

See also editing from -  Exceedance Action overview 

Where can I see the status of the individual sample submission?

Under the Related Item tab of the Contributory Factor.



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