PMPs and Combined Operations

Project Management Plans (PMP) and Combined Operations - (External)

From 28 May 2016, mining operations will be structured under a combined operation (CO) each with one or more site operations (SG).  This page gives you information on requirements for PMP  submissions undergoing a major change / expansion.

The impact of combined operations (CO) on Project Management Plans (PMP) submissions

Key Points

  • Approval applications (e.g. PMPs) can be associated with one or more site operations (SG) under a combined operation (CO).
  • For PMP submissions of the type ‘Major Expansion /Change to Existing Operation’ users will now be required to select the appropriate combined operation (CO) and the relevant site operation(s) (SG).
  • Letters sent out upon finalisation of the PMP application will reference both the combined operation (CO) and the site operation(s) (SG).
  • No changes to submissions of Radiation Management Plans (RMP).

Types of submissions

1.   PMP submissions for a New Operation (N)

  • Approval letters (or non-approval letters) will reference the combined operation (CO) and the site operations (SG) as determined by the Department of Mines and Petroleum (DMP), based on the submitted application.

2.   PMP submissions for Major Expansion/Change to Existing Operation (MC)

  • Submissions now require the selection of a combined operation (CO).
  • Where a user has security roles for site operations (SG) that fall under different combined operations (CO), all these combined operations (CO) will be listed.
  • A site operation (SG) under the combined operation (CO) is required for selection.  Where there is more than one site operation (SG) for a combined operation (CO), these site operations are available in the dropdown selection.  The security roles of the user determine the site operations (SG) visible.  A ‘New Site Operation(s)’ option is also available.
  • Any approved PMPs that a user has security access to, are available to relate to and copy from.
  • Within the PMP wizard the name of the selected combined operation (CO) populates in the ‘Management Plan Title & Mine Details’ step.
  • Approval letters (or non-approval letters) will reflect the combined operation (CO) name and the site operation(s) (SG) to which the PMP is associated.

Other information

  • A user's current security roles for (PMP) Approvals will be applied by the SRS Data Services to any newly created site operation(s) (SG).
  • Company Administrators (for PMP Approvals) can also grant other users in their company the security roles at the company and/or site operation (SG) level.
  • See also - combined operation (CO) FAQs
  • Approvals Summary and Lodge a Project Management Plan

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