Health and Hygiene - The Management Plan

Summary: Health and Hygiene Management Plans - (External)

The (Acknowledged) Health and Hygiene Management Plans are displayed under 'Management Plans' on the Approvals Summary page to users with relevant SRS security roles.

The Management Plan is denoted by the SRS Reference ID (E.g. HHMP-000090 etc).

Health and Hygiene Management Plans are available in the following status:
-   Active: acknowledged plans currently active for another 5 years.
-   Expired: after the 5 year cycle, the current plan is no longer in place.
-   Revision Requested: the Department requests a revision to the current plan.
-   Revision Submitted: the existing plan is revised by the mine site  or exploration operation.
-   Suspended: following an internal assessment, the plan is no longer applicable.

How to submit a Health and Hygiene Management Plan

Video Tutorials:

How to submit a Health and Hygiene Management Plan  submit HHMP
How to upload the sampling plan using an excel template uploading HHMP

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