Legislation administered by DMP

How is legislation made in Western Australia?

The Parliament of Western Australia makes laws that apply in WA.  An Act of Parliament starts as a Bill, which is debated in and passed by each House of Parliament.  The contents of the Bill can change as debate progresses.

Once a Bill has been passed by both Houses of Parliament, it is assented to by the Governor of Western Australia on the advice of the Executive Council.  The Bill is “enacted”, and becomes an Act, upon assent. Some Acts become part of the law as soon as they are assented to, and some require a further step of “proclamation” before they become laws.

Acts are legislation passed by Parliament. They can be changed by further Acts of Parliament.

Regulations are made under Acts, and typically provide further detail about how the overarching requirements of the relevant Act will apply. Regulations do not have to be passed by Parliament in the same way as Acts.

Both Acts and regulations can specify things that are a breach of the law, and the penalties that apply when a breach is committed.

What legislation is the department responsible for?

Legislation governing dangerous goods safety

Legislation governing mines safety

Mining legislation

Legislation governing onshore mining tenements and offshore mineral titles, mining royalties and the environmental management of mining

Legislation governing the Mining Rehabilitation Fund:
Mining Rehabilitation Fund Act 2012 and Mining Rehabilitation Regulations 2013

Petroleum legislation

Legislation governing petroleum titles and related operational, safety and environmental management matters

Legislation governing petroleum pipelines and related operational, safety and environmental management matters

Legislation applying to aspects of the coal mining industry

Legislation applying to the Barrow Island petroleum lease

Historical and miscellaneous legislation