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Black Diamond pilot project


The historical abandoned mine site Black Diamond is located within the town of Allanson boundary approximately five kilometres west of Collie. Black Diamond was mined between the late 1940s and early 1950s by Amalgamated Collieries Pty Ltd. The discontinuation of mining resulted in the pit filling with water creating a pit lake of around 700 metres in length. Black Diamond was the first pilot project under the Abandoned Mines Program and was selected in response to community concerns regarding safety at the site which had become a popular, unmanaged recreation area.

The focus of the project was to address the safety risks associated with the steep slope on the southern side of the pit. Following stakeholder consultation and endorsement of the engineering design by land owners and the Black Diamond Working Group, earthworks to batter down the southern pit wall were completed in 2016, as was additional site management of heavily eroded areas at the western and northern end of the pit lake. Revegetation works were undertaken in 2017.

As the primary safety risk associated with the site has been mitigated, DMIRS’ involvement with the Black Diamond pilot project is now complete.

Black Diamond Pilot Project Update – November 2018 - 766 Kb

DMIRS’ involvement with Black Diamond complete

Pro-Force pilot project

Pro Force pilot project

The Pro-Force site is approximately two kilometres southeast of Coolgardie on the Coolgardie-Esperance Highway. The site is located adjacent to a public use area and water reserve ‘the Gorge’ which is regularly visited by locals and tourists particularly when full of water.

The old processing site had been in situ for more than a decade and had been a public safety concern for the Shire of Coolgardie and the local community. In response to community concerns, Pro-Force was selected as a pilot site for inclusion in the Abandoned Mines Program.

To address public safety concerns, the department held a public auction in 2015 for the sale of the Pro-Force infrastructure. Following the removal of the processing plant, works to clean up the site were carried out in 2016 including the removal of tyres and scrap material. Additional works to fence an open mine shaft and install signage were completed in early 2019.

As the objective of the project has been met by addressing key safety concerns associated with infrastructure at the site, the Pro-Force pilot project is now complete.

Pro-Force Pilot Project Update – August 2019 - 458 Kb

Pro-Force pilot project complete


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For more information on how the WA State Government is addressing the risks associated with abandoned mine features through management and rehabilitation please view the Abandoned Mines Program.