Ellendale Diamond Mine

Ellendale Diamond Mine

Please note: Unauthorised access to the Ellendale site is prohibited and trespassers may be prosecuted. The site is locked and access is monitored.


Ellendale Diamond Mine is located about 120km east of Derby in the West Kimberley region of Western Australia.

It includes the E4 and E9 pits, waste rock landforms, tailings storage facilities and areas of other infrastructure. Mining commenced at the E9 pit in 2002 and at the E4 pit in 2006. Mining at the E4 pit was suspended and the area entered care and maintenance in 2009. Mining at the E9 pit continued until 2015.

The mining tenements were held by Kimberley Diamond Company NL (KDC) but mining activities ceased at Ellendale in July 2015, when KDC entered into administration. Later that month, creditors voted for the company to be placed into liquidation.

After the mine was closed in 2015, the Minister for Mines and Petroleum created an exemption area under Section 19 of the Mining Act.  This section allows the Minister to invite a mining company or consortium to apply for a new mining lease. In December 2019, Mines and Petroleum Minister Bill Johnston announced that Gibb River Diamonds has accepted an offer to apply for new tenements at Ellendale and has invited India Bore Diamond Holdings to apply for other tenements at the site.


DMIRS will continue to manage the site through the Abandoned Mines Program and will work with stakeholders including the companies invited to apply for new tenements to minimise the safety, health and environmental risks at the site whilst ensuring the resource value of the tenements is not diminished and that the site remains a viable option for future responsible resource development.


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For more information on how the WA State Government is addressing the risks associated with abandoned mine sites through management and rehabilitation please view the Abandoned Mines Program.