Elverdton pilot project

Elverdton Pilot Project

Warning: Abandoned mines are dangerous places. Do not enter abandoned mines.

The historic Elverdton mine site is located approximately 540 kilometres southeast of Perth and 10 kilometres southeast of Ravensthorpe along Hopetoun-Ravensthorpe Road. Mining operations commenced at Elverdton in 1901 and continued periodically until 1992 when the operating company forfeited the mining lease leaving opens shafts, mining infrastructure and a quantity of uncontained tailings. Elverdton was selected as a pilot site as part of the Abandoned Mines Program due to concerns raised regarding tailings deposition into the surrounding environment.


Site investigations and stakeholder consultation for the project is ongoing.


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For more information on how the WA State Government is addressing the risks associated with abandoned mine features through management and rehabilitation please view the Abandoned Mines Program.