Contract Survey System

The Contract Survey System operates under the statutory obligations of the Mining Act 1978, which directs that all leases be surveyed on grant. See Sections 80, 82, and 105B, and Regulations 118A, B and C of the Mining Act 1978.

Under the System, the responsibility for choosing and contracting an approved surveyor, and the cost of survey is met by the lessee.

Under amendment 39/2004 to the Mining Act 1978, effective 10/02/2006, a lease application must be supported by a Mining Proposal (MP) or Mineralisation Report, submitted at the time of application.

Grant of such leases (which includes grant of MP) will initiate a directive to survey.

The department is also concurrently administering the orderly roll out of a State-wide contract survey back capture program, to clear the backlog of unsurveyed leases granted before 10/02/2006, with the oldest granted leases having the highest priority.

Approval for any MP or mining activity must be made to the department’s Director of Environment.

A Statement of Reason for Decision and an appropriate Information Paper are attached in respect to the Contract Survey System.