Online Lodgement of Survey Documents and Survey Data

How should surveyors prepare for online lodgement?

All surveyors approved to conduct DMIRS’ Survey of Leases will be required to do the following:

  • Ensure your survey data capture software, or your sub-contract lodging agent’s software is compliant and can accommodate export to a CSD file format  (CSD format is a Landgate developed survey data file format compatible with Landgate’s CSD Editor and SMARTPLAN.)

Note: DMIRS Surveys are integrated within Landgate’s Spatial Cadastral Database to enhance the Western Australia’s Survey Cadastre Network. For this reason DMIRS uses Landgates CSD Editor and SmartPlan system to enable capture of DMIRS surveys within Landgate.

  • CSD Editor Software can be purchased from Landgate. An ESRI licence, which authorises use, costs $400 + GST. For further details on cost, licencing and software delivery, email with attention to Ian Bell, or call Ian on (08) 9273 7045  This software can reference DGN, DXF, DWG and SHP files formats.

Please be aware there is now a new install available for CSD Editor that includes two versions of CSD Editor. This is a single install process that provides two versions of the software, for GDA94 and GDA2020, with clearly defined icons to differentiate the two. If you have a previously installed version of CSD Editor (GDA94 compliant only), these new versions could theoretically be installed alongside the previous version. However, Landgate’s recommendation is to uninstall any existing version prior to the new install to avoid any potential confusion.  The new GDA94 version can be used on any pre-existing jobs that had been started in the previous version. This new software install is to any existing CSD Editor Licence holders.

  • Obtain a User Manual for CSD Editor. This can be supplied by Landgate at point-of-purchase as a PDF. Another important document that details the Digital Data Format for CSD files is also available. This document will assist with writing a digital translator process to convert your Survey Data into a CSD format for lodging as a digital file to DMIRS.
  • Register for use of DMIRS’ online systems, Mineral Titles Online and Tengraph Web.
  • Attend one of the planned seminars on the DMIRS Online Lodgement facility within Mineral Titles Online or arrange a ‘One-on-One’ appointment with Craig Wainwright, Manager Titles Information on (08) 92223 223 email
  • Access DMIRS Mineral Titles Online – Online Transactions –Lodge Supporting Documents- Document/File in support of Survey to lodge CSD Data files, PDFs of Field Books and individual Form 44 Surveyors Report for each tenement.
  • All surveyors must use the new DMIRS Field Notes template at the Data and Software Centre under the Map services and resources tab, which sits in the resources/surveying folders.
  • The Field Notes template should be printed on good-quality paper and placed inside a heavy-duty protective folder of your choice, to provide durability while in the field.
  • You are encouraged to adopt Online Lodgement as soon possible, or be prepared to fully comply with the online lodgement process within Mineral Titles Online by the implementation date of 1 July 2021.

PLEASE NOTE: All information contained in ‘’The Provisions and Regulations of the Mining Act and Directions relating to the Surveying of Mining Tenure’’ document is still valid and must be fully complied with.

How do you lodge survey documents and survey data online?

Online Lodgement of Surveyed Documents and Survey Data is completed through the DMIRS website using Mineral Titles Online.

In order to gain access to this online system you will be required to register for use of Mineral Titles Online at the following link.

lodge survey documents and survey data online

Note: when you register for Mineral Titles Online, by default, you will also receive access to our TENGRAPH Web spatial system.

The Online Lodgement functionality for survey information will enable the following:

  • Entry of Survey Project Number to return on screen a list of Tenements that fall within an established survey project that has been assigned to you.
  • Selection on screen of Tenement numbers against which you wish to lodge Survey Data or Survey Documents.
  • Upload of a digital file/s of CSD format – Cadastral Survey Data file (CSD – Landgate/ESRI developed file format) for leases contained within a Survey Project.
  • Where Survey Instructions were issued after 16 August 2020 all CSD files lodged must contain GDA2020 Coordinates. Any Survey Instructions issued prior to this date will be accepted in GDA94. However, you are encouraged to convert these surveys to GDA2020 values prior to lodgement of a CSD file created in CSD Editor (GDA2020).
  • Upload of Survey field notes (PDF) that relate to those tenements that fall within a known Survey Project. This PDF should include Trig, Base station, AUSPOS details, Landgate Cad connections, coordinate listings and survey close details. A copy of DMIRS Field Notes is located at Data and Software Centre under Map services and resources tab. Under resources /surveying folders.
  • Upload completed and signed Form 44 Surveyors Report (PDF) for each individual tenement which must include a written report stating reasons for all boxes that have a “ No ” response, to be included within the one PDF per tenement. A copy of Form 44 is located at Data and Software Centre under Map services and resources tab, in the resources /surveying folders.

online lodgement for survey documents
Note: Please ignore the WARNING text that says ‘this function is not to be used’. This note was placed here for the Test phase and will be removed on release of the next upgrade of MTOL.

The Online Lodgement facility is now available in Mineral Titles Online at the following location: (Follow Steps 1, 2, 3 4 above)

How do you seek assistance with online lodgement in mineral titles online?

Please refer to Online Lodgement of Survey Documents and Survey Data Guide for further assistance with use of this Online Lodgement facility.

Should you require further assistance DMIRS will also be conducting some in-house training seminars on the new lodgement functionality on demand.

If your field commitments prevent attendance at one of these seminars, we can provide one-on-one training at DMIRS Head Office when you are next available. The department will assess the viability of these Seminars based on demand and the evolving situation with the Covid19 pandemic.

Other future initiatives enhancing survey process

The improvements to the survey process will be the first phase of several initiatives over the next few years, moving towards full electronic transfer and portrayal of certified survey information.

The department proposes to:

  • retain Certified Legal Survey Documents in a digital form rather than physically authorised/signed hardcopy;
  • introduce electronic signatures to facilitate timely certification of survey documents – surveyors to remotely endorse legal certified document;
  • provide Surveyor online access to digital copies of DMIRS’ Survey Diagrams and Original Plans via Tengraph Web to assist with Survey Instructions and survey process in general; and
  • provide delivery of Survey Instructions in digital format to the surveyor via PDF and digital images.

For further general information on how to become a DMIRS Approved Surveyor, the DMIRS Contract Survey System and the provisions and regulations of the Mining Act 1978 that govern survey, please refer to Surveying of Mining Tenure.

If you have any further enquires please contact: