Research and reports

The South West Hub has published a range of scientific reports based on data and samples collected during the current feasibility stage of the project.

South West Hub Research and Reports

Dynamic Modelling of CO2 Sequestration In the Harvey Area by Odin Reservoir Consultants 2016 - 4905 Kb

Dynamic Modelling of CO2 Sequestration In the Harvey Area by Odin Reservoir Consultants 2016

Harvey 1 Stratigraphic Well Research Outcomes August 2013 - 3384 Kb

South West CO2 Geosequestration Hub

Groundwater resources of the Lesueur carbon storage project area (SW Hub) - 4614 Kb

April 2013 Groundwater resources of the Lesueur carbon storage project area (SW Hub) by Phillip Commander

Further detailed technical results, including the research papers that informed some of these reports, are also available. We recommend using Google Scholar when searching online for information about Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS).

If you have questions you may find the answers in frequently asked questions or please contact the South West Hub.

South West Hub research partners

The National Geosequestration Laboratory (NGL), based in Perth, is a collaboration between the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) and the University of Western Australia and Curtin University, and is supported by the Australian Government.

Feasibility and Design for Passive Seismic Monitoring at the SW Hub CO2 Geosequestration Site UWA 2016

The primary research focus of the NGL is to provide government and industry certainty regarding the viability and safety of large-scale geological storage of CO2. In 2012 the Australian Government allocated $48.4 million for the NGL, which is equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure to research all facets of geosequestration.

The answers to some frequently asked questions about CCS can be found on the National Geosequestration Laboratory (NGL), website.

Scientific reports and peer reviewed publications

ANLEC R&D keeps a list of publications on scientific research projects for the South West Hub and southern Perth Basin, including a 2016 report on passive seismic monitoring design at the South West Hub CO2 geosequestration site.

The research reports, which informed the ‘Harvey I Stratigraphic Well Research Outcomes August 2013’, have been reviewed by the research institutions that produced them, by Australian National Low Emission Coal Council (ANLEC) R&D and by international experts engaged by ANLEC R&D to provide a final review. Some papers are detailed reports that require technical knowledge.

South West Hub CO2 Sequestration (PDF 2134 kb)

Geochemical characterisation of gases, fluids and rocks in the Harvey-1 data well - 5264 Kb

The Harvey-1 stratigraphic well, drilled in 2012 as a part of the evaluation of the area in South West Western Australia for a suitable carbon storage site, has undergone a geochemical evaluation.

Fault seal first-order analysis – SW Hub - 4581 Kb

Structural analysis for CO2 containment risk for the SW Hub, Western Australia

Facies-based rock properties distribution along the Harvey 1 stratigraphic well (PDF 14913 kb) - 14913 Kb

The South West-Hub consists of a public and private partnership linking the Western Australia State government and the major industrial emitters of CO2 in the region.

Advanced geophysical data analysis at Harvey-1: storage site characterization and stability assessment (PDF 10944 kb) - 10944 Kb

One of the first planned onshore commercial-scale CO2 geosequestration projects in Australia is at the South West Hub site, approximately 150 km south of Perth, WA.

Stratigraphic forward modelling for South West Collie Hub (PDF 14707 kb) - 14707 Kb

This research paper targets the significant current risk involved in applying traditional oil-field reservoir characterisation tools to the construction of static geological models of saline formations.