Guidance about dogging, rigging and lifting

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Dogging and rigging

Dogmen and riggers have distinct roles when it comes to crane lifts. Dogmen apply slinging techniques for the purposes of lifting a load. This includes:

  • selecting the method of lifting (by considering the nature of the load, its mass and the centre of gravity)
  • inspecting lifting gear (for suitability and condition)
  • directing the operator of a crane or hoist in the movement of a load.

Riggers move, place or secure a load (such as plant, or parts of a building or structure) using mechanical load shifting equipment (but not the operation of that equipment). They also erect or dismantle cranes or hoists.

Both roles require high risk work licences.

The concepts present in lifting for dogmen and riggers are outlined in several resources.

Frequently asked questions on dogging and rigging - information sheet - 829 Kb

This information sheet outlines the frequently asked questions on dogging and rigging.

Applying for a high risk work licence

Areas of concern

Resources Safety has released the first three titles in its Know Your Hazards video series. These videos have been developed by the department for the Western Australian resources industry.

The series aims to help supervisors and work teams recognise common workplace hazards that have injured or killed people. Being able to correctly identify hazards is the first step towards reducing the risk of accidents in the workplace.

The first three videos have been grouped as a theme ‘Raising the issue’ and focus on key areas of concern when dogging, rigging and lifting:

  • centre of gravity
  • friction
  • tensile strength.

A toolbox presentation is available to assist with discussion of the videos.

The videos may be shared or downloaded and distributed for educational purposes.

Centre of gravity video may be shared or downloaded from and distributed for educational purposes.

Friction video may be shared or downloaded from and distributed for educational purposes.

Tensile strength may be shared or downloaded from and distributed for educational purposes.

Improving hazard awareness - lifting the game (2014) - 7168 Kb

This toolbox presentation looks at resources to raise awareness of lifting and rigging issues. This includes stored energy, gravitational potential energy and issues relating to mechanical handling.

Related information

Further guidance on what legislation applies to high risk work can be found in the National Standard for licensing persons performing high risk work available from Safe Work Australia.