Notifying a noise report

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Notification of a noise report - 760 Kb

This template is for the notification of a noise report.

When is a noise report prepared?

A noise report must be prepared as soon as practicable after commencement of mining operations, but not later than 12 months. Noise reports are required every five years until all exposures are below the action level.

Once a noise report has been prepared, no further noise reports are required if introduced control measures have proved effective in maintaining noise at or below the action level, and are continuously monitored for effectiveness. If there is likely to be an increase in noise of 5 dB or more, another noise report will be required. Additional noise reports may be requested by a mines inspector if warranted by the noise climate in or around a mine.

Management of noise in Western Australian mining operations - guideline - 1859 Kb

Management of noise in Western Australian mining operations - guideline: This guideline describes how noise exposure is measured, and the requirements for a written noise report and noise control plan.

Important note: A hardcopy or electronic version of the current noise report and immediate previous one, if any, must be kept at the mine. The contents of noise reports must be communicated to everyone at the workplace, and anyone else the responsible person considers to be at risk. The noise reports must also be made available on request to any mines inspector, or worker at the mine who is exposed to noise.

Who is responsible for the notification?

The manager of a mine must ensure that the State Mining Engineer is notified as soon as possible that a noise report has been prepared. The data in a noise report must be collected by an approved noise officer.

The data in a noise report must be collected by an approved noise officer.

Refer to rr. 7.10 and 7.11 of the Mines Safety and Inspection Regulations 1995

Required information

A copy of the full noise report must accompany the notification.

Notification of appointments must be submitted online using the Notifications sub-system in the Safety Regulation System (SRS)

The principal employer or registered manager can notify the department of a statutory appointment, or a person acting on their behalf.

A Company Administrator (CA) or a Company Representative can enter information into SRS. The CA can assign the role of Company Representative to any person required to notify appointments.

The completed and signed appointment letter needs to be attached to the notification of appointment in SRS.

If the noise report cannot be emailed with the notice, indicate in the email that it will be submitted by mail or in person.

The completed notification and report can also be mailed to:

Hygiene Manager
Resources Safety
Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety (DMIRS)
Mineral House 100 Plain Street 
East Perth WA 6004

Or lodged in person at Resources Safety, 1 Adelaide Terrace, East Perth WA


For SRS related enquiries, please contact the SRS Manager
Phone: 1300 307 877

To contact an inspector of mines
Phone: 1300 307 877