Forthcoming geophysical data releases

Thursday 25 October 2012 after 0900 AWST (UTC +8)

West Kimberley airborne magnetic and radiometric surveys — final data

Images and grids of final data from the regional magnetic and radiometric survey at line spacing of 200 m completed in December 2011 will be available from the GSWA website on the Latest Geophysical Surveys page at

Point-located ('vector') data and grids from this survey can be purchased on disk from Geoscience Australia or downloaded free of charge from the Geophysical Archive Data Delivery System (GADDS).

Kauring Test Range — new 100 m airborne magnetic and radiometric dataset

By infilling between the 200 m-spaced lines of our recent Moora regional survey (data released in April 2012), we have acquired a 100 m line-spacing magnetic and radiometric dataset over the area of the Kauring Airborne Gravity Test Range to complement the ground gravity and digital terrain datasets already available.

These new data will be available via GSWA's GeoView.WA interactive mapping application as well as GADDS from 25 October 2012.

Location of the Kauring Airborne Gravity Test Range

Currently available regional datasets over the Kauring Test Range

Most recent geophysical data releases

Date Survey  Data status
11 Oct 2012 Carnarvon Basin South 2012 airborne mag. & rad. survey Final
06 Sep 2012 Collie 2011 airborne magnetic & radiometric survey Final
15 Aug 2012 Magnetic anomaly grid (80m) of Western Australia Update
09 Aug 2012 Murgoo 2011 airborne magnetic & radiometric surve Final
02 Aug 2012 Perth Basin North 2011 airborne magnetic & radiometric survey Final
26 Jul 2012 Corrigin 2012 airborne magnetic & radiometric survey Final
05 Jul 2012 Radiometric anomaly grids (100m) of Western Australia Update

Access to previously released geophysical data

Image data from previous geophysical releases can be found on our Regional Geophysical Surveys page. Digital located and grid data can be purchased on media from Geoscience Australia or downloaded free of charge through the Geophysical Archive Data Delivery System (GADDS).

Latest releases


Record 2012/12 Hyperspectral characterisation of rare earth minerals
by Morin Ka, S


Fieldnotes: A Geological Survey of Western Australia Newsletter: October 2012 Number 64

Products are free to download from our website as PDFs.

New GeoVIEW.WA training – sign up now!

You are invited to attend a free training session hosted by the Department of Mines and Petroleum to demonstrate current online systems. This is your opportunity to try these services for yourself and chat with the staff who create and manage them.

The format is an interactive presentation which includes navigating the DMP website, searching for publications, finding mineral deposits using MINEDEX, finding digital datasets using the Data and Software Centre, open file mineral exploration reports using WAMEX, and bringing it all together with the interactive map viewer (GeoVIEW.WA). GeoMap.WA, a new GIS viewer for Windows, will also be demonstrated.

The morning sessions will be a high-level fast demonstration and overview of the use of all the programs. At the afternoon sessions, participants will be able to practise using the programs with their own actual examples and get some one-on-one advice about individual issues. You can attend one or both sessions.


WA School of Mines, Mine Design Lab, Room 131, Building 703, Odwyn Jones Building, corner Cassidy and MacDonald Streets, central Kalgoorlie.
9 am – 12 noon, 2–5 pm – Wednesday 14 November

To register, email your details to

CET seminar

CET seminar series

Dates: 23 Mar – 30 Nov 2012

Location: Perth, Western Australia

Address: Webb Lecture Theatre, Geography Building, University of Western Australia

Contact: Tony Kemp


The CET is proud to present its new SEMINAR SERIES featuring presenters from GSWA, Curtin University, CSIRO, CET staff and students, industry and more!

These presentations will feature high-profile Australian and internationally based researchers presenting on a variety of topics. All interested geologists and industry partners are welcome to attend.

The seminars will be held fortnightly on Fridays at 4 pm. The next presentation will be given on 19 October by Research Assistant Professor Alan Aitken on: The intraplate tectonics of central Asia; asparagus theory and the Great Silk Road.

Each seminar will run for a maximum of 45 minutes.

Please see the presenter schedule below which will be updated regularly as speakers are confirmed.

Seminar Series Schedule

Spotlight on a product

Record 2012/12 Hyperspectral characterisation of rare earth minerals
by Sidy Morin Ka

This product is a collaborative project between GSWA and Curtin University. The Record presents the results of studies as part of a Bachelor of Science Honours degree at Curtin University into hyperspectral characterisation of rare earth minerals.

The rare earth elements (REE) are a relatively abundant group of 15 elements composed of the lanthanides, plus yttrium. They are essential in many applications especially high technologies. Spectroscopy uses electromagnetic properties to identify and quantify the constitution of material. The HyLogging™ system is a reflectance spectroscopy tool for automated and quick logging of cores and samples used in geology. REE can be detected within minerals and drill cores using that system. Using known REE-bearing minerals from museum collections, a database has been created and characteristics defined. Then those characteristics were applied to REE mineralization in a drill hole containing REE from Cummins Range in Western Australia which had been assayed previously. The HyLogging™ system was used to improve recognition and logging of the REE.

Click the link to get a free download of this product.

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