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Geoscience Australia's paleovalley polygons from their ‘Palaeovalley Map 2012’. This map covers the arid and semi arid areas of three States: WA, SA and NT and is often referred to as the ‘WASANT Palaeovalley Map’. Although originally purposed to only include the arid areas, many paleovalleys extend into non-arid regions and these have been mapped as complete systems.The map has been drawn at 1:3 000 000 scale as a broad overview of the main paleovalleys in these States and should only be used as a generalized first step toward detailed study at any particular site.The ‘WASANT Palaeovalley Map’ has been based on national scale datasets, such as surface geology, MrVbf_5, 3 sec DEM, and information and feedback from geologists and hydrogeologists in each State. Some smaller paleovalleys are likely to exist and perhaps remain to be discovered outside the polygons in the map. Also some corners of the paleovalleys mapped here may have very poor or non-existent paleovalley features hidden below the surface.

Legend Description
Paleovalley Paleovalley


Bell, JG, Kilgour, PL, English, PM, Woodgate, MF and Lewis, SJ 2012, WASANT palaeovalley map – Distribution of palaeovalley in arid and semi-arid WA-SA-NT (1:4 500 000 scale): Geoscience Australia, Geoscience Thematic Map (Geocat No. 73980)

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