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Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety

Saline lakes, playa pans, playas and duneplaya terrains filtered from the state regolith geology

Legend Description
Dune and playa terrain Dunes, evaporite, alluvial deposits adjacent to playa terrains
Playa Including saline, gypsiferous evaporates, clay, silt and sand deposits in playa lakes
Playa, pan Clay and silt in clay pans/playas
Saline lake Saline lakes


Terms SQL query
Alluvial/fluvial or lacustrine (LANDFORM = 'Alluvial/fluvial'  OR LANDFORM = 'Lacustrine') AND
Playa or saline (LNDF_ELEM LIKE '%playa%' OR LNDF_ELEM LIKE '%saline%')


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