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Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety

Tengraph (Web) Help

Lease Type                                                   Prefix

Reserve Lease                                                  RL

Road Lease                                                       RO

General Lease                                                   GE

Purchase Lease                                                 PU

Aboriginal Lease                                                AB

Subdivisional Lease                                           SU

Government Agency Lease                               GO

Pastoral Lease                                                   PL

Acquisition Lease                                               AC

Profit 'A' Prendre                                                PP

Option to Purchase                                            OP

Licences                                                             LI

Option to Lease                                                 OL


Quick Appraisal Report – (C) & (P) Lease code explanation

Within the Land affected Purpose/Name column the following lease codes may be shown.

General Lease (P) Check Purpose      Private or Crown Land under the Mining Act, user needs to search Landgate for the lease purpose. Only general leases with the purpose of grazing are deemed Crown Land under the Mining Act.

Pastoral Lease (C)                               Crown Land under the Mining Act.

Subdivision Lease (P)                          Private Land under the Mining Act.


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