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Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety

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Mining Act 1978

Application to Amalgamate                                                                                                        AM...

Exploration Licence                                                                                                                      E 70/...

Exploration Licence (Christmas Island)                                                                                     ECI 70/...

Exploration Licence (Cocos Keeling Island)                                                                              EKI 70/...

General Purpose Lease                                                                                                                G 70/...

Mining Lease                                                                                                                                  M 70/...

Mining Lease (Christmas Island)                                                                                                 MCI 70/...

Miscellaneous Licence                                                                                                                  L 70/...

Restoration Pending                                                                                                                     RE 70/...

Prospecting Licence                                                                                                                      P 70/...

Release Number under Section 65                                                                                             RN 18/...

Retention Licence                                                                                                                          R 70/...

Special Prospecting Licence                                                                                                         P 70/193S

Mining Act 1904

Alluvial Claim, Extended Alluvial Claim                                                                                     AC, EAC

Business Area                                                                                                                                 BA

Coal Mining Lease                                                                                                                         CML

Dam Water Right                                                                                                                           DWR

Dredging Lease, Claim                                                                                                                  DL, DC

Dredging Sluicing                                                                                                                           DS

Furnace Area                                                                                                                                  FA

Garden Area                                                                                                                                   GA

Gold Mining Lease                                                                                                                        GML (Prefix GML is omitted from surveyed leases)                                                                                                                                                                             

Licence to Treat Tailings                                                                                                              LTT

Lode Claim                                                                                                                                      LC

Machinery Lease, Area                                                                                                                 MyL, MA

Mineral Lease, Claim                                                                                                                     ML, MC

Miners Homestead Lease                                                                                                             MHL

Pipe Track Water Right                                                                                                                 PWR

Poultry Farm                                                                                                                                   PF

Prospecting Area                                                                                                                            PA

Quarrying Area                                                                                                                               QA

Quartz Claim                                                                                                                                   QC

Residence Lease, Residential Area                                                                                             RL, RA

Reward Claim, Reward Lease                                                                                                      RC, WD

Stream Water Right                                                                                                                      SWR

Tailings Lease, Area                                                                                                                       TL, TA

Temporary Reserve                                                                                                                       TR

Tramway Lease                                                                                                                              TyL

Washing Area                                                                                                                                 WA

Water Lease, Right                                                                                                                         WL, WR

Well Site                                                                                                                                           WS

Western Australian State Agreement Acts

Exploration Licence Agreement                                                                                                  AE 70/1... (E 1SA)

General Purpose Lease Agreement                                                                                            AG 70/1... (G 1SA)

Mineral Lease Agreement                                                                                                            AML 70/1... (ML 1SA)

Mining Lease Agreement                                                                                                              AM 70/1... (M 1SA)

Miscellaneous Licence Agreement                                                                                              AL 70/1... (L 1SA)

Special Licence Lease Agreement                                                                                                ASL 70/1... (SL 1SA)

Western Australian Offshore Minerals Act 2003

Exploration Licence Offshore                                                                                                       EOS 70/1... (WA-1-EOS)

Mineral Licence Offshore                                                                                                              MOS 70/1... (WA-1-MOS)

Retention Licence Offshore                                                                                                          ROS 70/1... (WA-1-ROS)

Special Purpose Consent Offshore                                                                                              SOS 70/1... (WA-1-SOS)

Works Licence Offshore                                                                                                                WOS 70/1... (WA-1-WOS)

Commonwealth Offshore Minerals Act 1994

Commonwealth Exploration Licence                                                                                          MEL 70/...

Commonwealth Retention Licence                                                                                             MRL 70/...

Commonwealth Mining Lease                                                                                                      MML 70/...

Commonwealth Works Licence                                                                                                    MWL 70/...

Commonwealth Special Purpose Consent                                                                                  MSP 70/...

Commonwealth Minerals (Submerged Lands) Act 1981

Minerals Exploration Permit                                                                                                         WEP 70/...

Minerals Production Licence                                                                                                        WPL 70/...

Mineral Works Authority                                                                                                              WWA 70/...

Mining Tenure Label Map Display

Current Mining Tenement Identifier                                                                                         M 70/193

Dead Mining Tenement Identifier                                                                                             M 70/193

Survey Layer Theme - Inspection Survey Compilation                                                           M 70/193*

(Tenement Id not shown on corner pegs, refer to survey diagram for Id)

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