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Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety

Tengraph (Web) Help

Creating a point at the intersection of two straight lines does not require the lines to intersect, however the projected alignment of the two lines must intersect within a reasonable distance.

  1. Create at least two lines on the Map.

          You can use the standard create , Explode, or create line by bearing and distance tool, to draw two lines (Line 1 and 2) on the map

Hint: Use the snapping tool along the tenement boundary for precise line work.


  1. Open the Enhanced plotting tools menu and select Create a Point at the Intersection of Two Lines.



      3. You will need to select from the map two individual lines to intersect as shown below.


       4. With your mouse click on a line (Line 1.)  The selected line will be highlighted Yellow.



        5. Click. 

        6. The system will prompt you to select the 2nd line.

        7. The system will automatically create a point at the intersection of the two lines selected as shown below.


Tip - Use the create Polygon tool   to construct a polygon. With snapping enabled, the polygon will accurately intersect with the tenement corners and the point created by the line extensions.





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