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Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety

Tengraph (Web) Help

The Help & Feedback tab contains links to documentationon how to use TENGRAPH Web, data information, prospecting tips and a feedback facility for support.

Use this tool...


Getting Started Guide

Download a PDF Guide to assist new users navigate through the menus and map displays.

Reference Guide

Open the TENGRAPH Web Reference Guide.


Open a list of Frequently Asked Questions about how to use TENGRAPH Web.

Drawing Tools Guide



Open a manual describing how to use TENGRAPH's enhanced plotting capabilities.


Find the latest Geocortex software details and release date.


Acknowledge the layers of information sourced from other organisations and agencies.

Description of Land Layers

Open a manual containing a description for the different types of land categories displayed in TENGRAPH.

Safety First

Open DMIRS "Put Safety first" web page for prospecting in Western Australia.

Where you can go prospecting

Open DMIRS "Where you can go prospecting guide" web page.

Submit Feedback

Email questions or feedback to TENGRAPH support staff.

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