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Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety

Tengraph (Web) Help

Projects allow users to save the state of their TENGRAPH session, and reload it later.

For example, a registered TENGRAPH user could pan to a location, customise a map layer, plot coordinates, and then save their work as a project. On another day, the user can open their saved project, view their work, and add further changes.

To save a project open the  menu and select Save or Save as.

Save - allows authorized users to save changes into an existing loaded project

Save as - saves the state of your view in a new project.

Provide a project name and description and press Save.

To open a project click on the   menu and select Open.

Previously saved projects in GeoVIEW.WA will not open in the HTML5 version.

Select a project from the list.

"(This feature is not available for Public or Front Counter Users)"

The ability to share projects makes them a valuable collaboration tool with other team members. Departmental users can share their project with colleagues so they can load the project, see your work, and add their own changes.

If you want to share the project with a colleague click on the Share button.

Search for the user you want to share with. The project owner can assign view or edit privileges.

The following aspects of the viewer's state are saved:

  • Map's centre point.
  • Current set of selected features.
  • Currently selected base maps.
  • Current feature details, and how they are displayed (compact or expanded)
  • Layer visibility.
  • Heat maps.
  • Currently applied layer filters.
  • Clustering.
  • Currently selected layer theme.
  • Highlights.
  • User-added layers, including layers added dynamically from a layer catalogue.
  • Pushpins.
  • Uploaded files such as CSV files or shapefile.
  • Plotted coordinates.
  • Markup (graphics and text) from measurement and drawing tools.
  • Current map tip.
  • List of saved filters and queries.
  • Current mouse coordinates selection.
  • Current feature set, and where it is displayed (Results List or Results Table)
  • Bookmarks.

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