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Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety

Tengraph (Web) Help

The Maps & Data Sources toolbar contains tools that add information to TENGRAPH Web. It also provides links to other mapping and data systems. 

Use this tool...


Open the Department's Data and Software Centre where spatial datasets and software (including mining tenement files) are available for download.

Upload a csv, xlsx or Shape file, from your computer for display and analysis in TENGRAPH.

Ensure you select all the relevant (*.shp, *.shx, *.dbf, *.prj) files, not just the *shp when choosing your shape files to upload from your computer.

Below this table is further information on uploading your own coordinate data for display in TENGRAPH.

Export and save drawings as a shapefile.

In TENGRAPH Web you are able to save any constructed object that you create, to your computer in the form of a shapefile.

All constructed drawings are deleted when TENGRAPH is closed. Saving them allows you to retain any constructed objects that may be of further use.

Upload a text file from your PC containing a column of Formatted Tenement IDs directly into the Results List.

Open GeoVIEW.WA in a new tab displaying your current TENGRAPH map extent.

GeoVIEW.WA is a departmental GIS system that uses similar software as TENGRAPH. It contains Geophysical data and imagery not displayed in TENGRAPH.

Open in a new tab, the current TENGRAPH map locality in Google Maps.

Refer to the FAQ on how to view mining tenements in Google Earth.

Share the current map view with another TENGRAPH Web user.

You can email a link to a colleague that will open their TENGRAPH session in the same locality.


Uploading Coordinates (Auto plotting feature)

Where a list of coordinates already exist in a CSV, XLSX or zipped shapefile format, it is possible to add them directly onto the map display. This is a faster method than manually plotting points, one coordinate at a time.

An example could be coordinates saved for a new tenement application in a csv format.

  • Open the Maps & Data Sources Tab toolbar
  • Click on the Upload Data icon and follow the on screen prompts.

  • Map the X Axis to the column containing the Easting coordinates and the Northing column to the Y Axis

  • Press Confirm and Proceed when the ready.

  • Select a colour from the Smbolization display options and press the Proceed button.

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