Effective governance arrangements and practices contribute to strong, sustainable and accountable performance.

Other financial disclosures

In accordance with the Treasurer’s Instructions (TI 903), the department is required to include information about pricing policies, major capital projects and employees in the Annual Report.

Pricing policies of services provided

The department’s user charges and fees are reviewed annually in accordance with the government’s policy on the costing and pricing of government services. A robust costing methodology is used to determine the projected costs of service delivery, with particular attention to the level of cost recovery being achieved. Any increases in user fees and charges are limited to the extent of cost recovery.

Major capital/capital works

In 2016-17, the department completed the expansion of the Perth Core Library storage and viewing area.

A short video was produced on the construction of the core library.

The $3 million upgrade to the Mineral House lifts has commenced along with the $2 million façade works to address the deteriorating render on the outside of the building.

Act of grace payments

In response to Treasurer’s instructions 319 – Act of Grace Payments, all Act of Grace payments are to be disclosed in the Annual Report. Requests for an Act of Grace payment arise from many and varied situations and each request is assessed on the circumstances associated with that particular request. Act of Grace Payments are linked to the services delivered by the agency.

During the 2016-17 period, 10 Act of Grace payments totalling $50,765.70 were made.

Section highlights

The department is committed to open government based on a culture of engagement, built on better access to and use of government held information, and sustained by the innovative use of technology.