Overall strong performance in all business areas has resulted in the target being exceeded for the 2016-17 reporting period.

KPI 5: Average weighted cost of information and product services

What we measure:

The department provides key information and advice to industry, community and government in a way that is consistent, transparent and timely. This service includes provision of accessible data and information, targeted stakeholder engagement, and inclusive, relevant and responsive customer service.

The efficiency indicator demonstrates financial stewardship with an indication of the costs with producing the department’s information and products.

How we measure:

This measure is calculated as the total cost of key departmental information and product services divided by the total number of weighted key information and product services. Weighted key information and product services include those released or published for use by industry, community or government agencies.

Target Actual Status
Overall results $13,559 $1,096 -92%  kpi-target-exceeded Target exceeded
KPI 5: Average weighted cost of information and product  services


Results by regulatory area:

  • 83 per cent of the total result are Geological Survey information and product services.
  • 13 per cent of the total result are Resource Safety information and product services.
  • 4 per cent of the total result are Petroleum information and product  services.

Our performance:

This year, for the first time, a broader range of advice, information and product services have been included in reporting that was not previously included or reported by the department, including at the time of forecast. As a result, significant variation from target is reported in weighted costs of information and product services.

This demonstrates the wider range of information and product services provided than originally identified when the target was developed.

For Geological Survey (GSWA) this now reflects almost all of GSWA’s information and product services, including a greater number of digital products and online database delivery of products compared with primarily printed products in the past. This fundamental change for GSWA represents an increase from 6 per cent of the overall weighted information and products services provided at the time the target was set, to 83 per cent of the actual weighted information and products services reported in this indicator. This change was primarily a result of the revised weighting for information and products services for GSWA.

Petroleum activities are also recently included with this indicator for the first time. Significant engagement is undertaken, particularly with industry, to educate stakeholders on obligations to both comply with legislation and manage their social licence to operate. This includes additional information and product being developed and implemented to support industry.

To meet demand, Resource Safety delivered additional dangerous goods and mining seminars, roadshows and presentations. The increased engagement with industry through requests for presentations has also contributed to the efficiency indicator costs dropping. This is also now reported through this KPI.

Weightings also were revised and are now more in line with the investment into producing the new suite of information and product  services.

In addition, the department’s 2016-17 actual cost of services is lower than the budget due to savings measures initiated by the government and department. This resulted in an increase in efficiency.

These broad changes to methodology and weightings, together with department initiated savings measures, have resulted in costs to effort being more accurately reported.

Section highlights

The department used the opportunity of developing the new KPIs to undergo an extensive administrative review program. This resulted in improved consistency in metrics, definitions and methodologies involved in reporting the composite performance measures across multiple business activities contributing to individual KPI measures.