Overall strong performance in all business areas has resulted in the target being exceeded for the 2016-17 reporting period.

KPI 4: Stakeholder satisfaction with effectiveness of DMP as regulator

What we measure:

Stakeholder satisfaction of the department’s regulatory role is now measured by undertaking an annual online survey. The survey was sent to stakeholders who engaged with the department in the previous 12 months, and included government departments, local government bodies, community members, industry, non-government organisations and regional community groups.

Insight into stakeholder satisfaction with the department as a regulator can inform future efficiencies and reducing public sector red tape by understanding where issues arise.

How we measure:

KPI 4 data is captured annually through an online quantitative survey. A single measure is used, asking the question:

“Overall, how satisfied are you with the performance of DMP as an effective regulator?”

This is a fixed question to be asked each year to ensure repeatability and consistency.

Performance results are calculated as an average score on the 0-10 point scale, with the percentage target for DMP’s effectiveness as a regulator reported based on a net result of those rating DMP between 6 and 10.

Target Actual Status
Overall results 75% 84% +9%  kpi-target-exceeded Target exceeded
KPI 4: Stakeholder satisfaction with effectiveness of DMP as  regulator


Our performance:

The results show that satisfaction with DMP as effective regulator was high, with 84 per cent of respondents rating the agency between 6 and 10.

Section highlights

The department used the opportunity of developing the new KPIs to undergo an extensive administrative review program. This resulted in improved consistency in metrics, definitions and methodologies involved in reporting the composite performance measures across multiple business activities contributing to individual KPI measures.