For government, it means ensuring that workers and the community are safe, and that environmental, cultural and community values are well protected.

Key Challenges: encouraging responsible exploration and development of mineral and petroleum resources

DMP’s world-class geoscience information, encouragement of investment and program of reforms are central to Western Australia’s position as a world-leading mining jurisdiction. In March 2017, the Fraser Institute Survey of Mining Companies ranked Western Australia among the world’s top three attractive destinations for mining investment.

Key results for WA in the survey included first place in the Best Practices Mineral Potential Index and first place in Geoscience Databases plus third place in the Overall Investment Attractiveness Index. DMP places substantial emphasis on using emerging technology to supply free geological information in order to encourage exploration.

Section highlights

DMP has made significant technological progress that allows stakeholders to transact digitally with 22,000 registered customers and 92 per cent of the annual volume of business now being conducted online.