DMP is responsible for ensuring the State’s resources sector is developed and managed responsibly for the benefit of all Western Australians.

Organisational structure

DMP is the lead agency for ensuring the State’s resources sector is developed and managed responsibly and sustainably for the benefit of all Western  Australians.

Western Australia is one of the most diversified minerals and energy regions in the world, producing more than 50 different mineral commodities. DMP’s world-class geoscience information, encouragement of investment and program of reforms is central to Western Australia’s position as a world-leading mining jurisdiction.

DMP delivers services through the following divisions:


The Environment Division delivers environmental regulatory services that support the responsible development of the State’s mineral and petroleum resources. Environment officers and inspectors assess mining and petroleum projects, and monitor and address compliance with the environmental conditions and outcomes set for mining and petroleum operations. The Division also administers the Mining Rehabilitation Fund, which incentivises progressive rehabilitation during mining operations and allows for high priority environmental and safety risks associated with abandoned mines to be addressed through the Abandoned Mines Program. Legislation and key cross-government collaborative projects are also lead by the division.

Geological Survey

The Geological Survey of WA Division produces state-of-the-art databases, books and maps for the benefit of the Western Australian community including prospectors, explorers, miners and investors. This information provides the building blocks for the design of exploration programs that attract investment to Western Australia. It is also critical to government when determining policy, and in decision making, particularly in relation to economic and land-use issues.

Mineral Titles

The Mineral Titles Division is responsible for the administration of mining titles and maintenance of title registry systems (Mineral Titles Online and Tengraph Online). It promotes secure, equitable and transparent tenure in Western Australia by providing current information on land availability and details on mining tenements. The division has an important regional presence with officers operating from 10 country locations, providing a range of services in the regulation of exploration and mining, and strong community engagement.


The Petroleum Division is responsible for regulating exploration, development and production of petroleum and geothermal energy resources, in accordance with petroleum legislation. The division manages the availability of areas for exploration through a permit and licensing system and evaluates technical matters. The division also engages with the petroleum industry to ensure compliance with regulation using industry best-practice, from exploration through production to decommissioning and site rehabilitation.

Resources Safety

The Resources Safety Division administers occupational safety and health legislation for mining and petroleum operations, and the licensing regime and safety legislation for dangerous goods, including regulation of the State’s major hazard facilities. The division is committed to working with industry and workers to help reduce the number and severity of serious accidents and incidents, and provides support for positive workplace cultural change. This is achieved through education, enforcement and the provision of specialist advice to stakeholders.

Strategic Policy

The Strategic Policy Division works across the department and with other agencies and stakeholders on a broad range of strategic issues that support responsible development of the State’s resources. This includes the reporting and analysis of resource statistics, analysis of emerging issues, collection of royalties, investigation and prosecution of serious incidents, strategic and expert advice, and the South West Hub Carbon Capture and Storage project.

Strategic Projects

The Strategic Projects Division has a lead role in managing projects that deliver benefits to staff, customers and the State Government through improved accuracy and timeliness.

Corporate Support

The Corporate Support Division provides information technology, financial, human resources, records and facilities services to the department.

Section highlights

Our Plan for Success guides service delivery and sets the strategic vision to achieve the department’s mission: To contribute to making Western Australia the destination of choice for responsible resource exploration and development.