For government, it means ensuring that workers and the community are safe, and that environmental, cultural and community values are well protected.

Key Challenges: Reshaping the organisation and approval and compliance systems to deliver more value to customers

An integrated approach to doing business allows DMP to further streamline approval and compliance processes, continue to reform legislation and policies to improve efficiency, and to boost risk-based regulatory compliance.

The Safety Regulation System (SRS) is the core system used by Resources Safety and industry stakeholders for the lodgement and storage of documents and data related to safety and health. SRS continues to be enhanced and improved in line with the objective of improving safety and health outcomes, as well as supporting digital transactions, and increasing efficiency and effectiveness.

SRS provides an online, searchable system with improved quality of data provided, ease of tracking the status of notices and actions, and increased capacity for data analysis.

Functionality implemented in 2016-17 includes:

  • Site Visit Records – Using SRS for inspector records eliminates data re-entry, reducing the potential for errors. Reports are provided on site with improved efficiency and timeliness, and added value from the inclusion of information such as photographs. Sites and inspectors manage defects and matters for action within SRS.
  • SRS Mobile – Inspectors can now conduct audits and prepare site visit records, notices and actions even when no internet connection is available.
  • Health and Hygiene Management (Phase 1) – Mining and exploration companies can input their sampling results for airborne contaminants, noise and biological agents. Exceedances are managed online and communication with industry is standardised.

Section highlights

DMP has made significant technological progress that allows stakeholders to transact digitally with 22,000 registered customers and 92 per cent of the annual volume of business now being conducted online.