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Other legal requirements

Expenditure on advertising, market research, polling and direct mail

In accordance with section 175ZE of the Electoral Act 1907, the department incurred the following expenditure in advertising, market research, polling, direct mail and media advertising.

Total expenditure for 2016-17 was $564,040.32.

Incurred expenditure is detailed in the following table.

Expenditure Total Expenditure Amount
Advertising $468,893.93 Adcorp – non campaign, departmental news $15,552.02
Adcorp – Regulation $392,436.75
Adcorp – Recruitment $48,459.66
Optimum Media Decisions (WA) Limited – Campaign $0
Unity Publications – MINESITE 17 (year book) $1,900.00
CFMEU WA Directory – Resources Safety news alerts $895.50
Redwave Media – Resources Safety messages $1,400.00
SEAPEX Press – September 2016 acreage release $600.00
Energy News Bulletin – September 2016 acreage release $3,850.00
Glove Box Guide to the East Kimberley 2017 edition – Seven Golden Rules of Prospecting $1,600.00
Derby Fitzroy Crossing – A Visitors Guide to the West Kimberley – Seven Golden Rules of Prospecting $770.00
Wild Kimberley Travel Guide – Shire of Halls Creek – Seven Golden Rules of Prospecting $1,100.00
Australian, Gold, Gem and Treasure Magazine – Seven Golden Rules of Prospecting $330.00
Media advertising organisations $0
Market research organisations $71,308.00 Survey Monkey (annual subscription) $708.00
NOVUS Group – Customer Segmentation and User Experience Survey $70,600.00
Polling organisations $0
Direct mail organisations $23,838.39 Email marketing – Mail Chimp $1,637.21
Mail house – Vanguard Press – Prospect magazine $2,328.73
Mail house – Watway – 2016 Mines Safety Roadshow flyer $914.16
Australia Post – Petroleum Explorers Guide and Petroleum in Western Australia magazine $3,065
Australia Post – Prospect magazine $3,845.99
Australia Post – Resources Safety magazine $7,678.13
Australia Post – Safety Performance display poster $4,369.17
Total $564,040.32


Section highlights

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