Overall strong performance in all business areas has resulted in the target being exceeded for the 2016-17 reporting period.

KPI 2: Percentage of compliance activities completed as planned

What we measure:

The department ensures the State’s resource sector’s safety, health and environmental standards are world best practice and consistent with relevant State and Commonwealth legislation, regulations and policies.

Environment and Safety audits, inspections and investigations are regulatory activities of the department. This measure demonstrates the department’s capacity to effectively administer and enforce the regulated environment and safety conditions as per the respective  legislation.

Planned site selection for safety and environment regulatory activities is based on a risk framework. Regulatory activities are also undertaken on sites following an environment or occupational safety and health incident; or notification of such incidents; or complaints by stakeholders including the general public.

How we measure:

This measure is calculated by dividing the total number of completed inspections and audits by the total number of planned inspections and audits.

The total planned compliance activities include those activities that are expected, scheduled and pre-arranged to be completed, plus an estimate of reactive, additional, unexpected and ad hoc activities that are anticipated to be conducted during the year.

Target Actual Status
Overall results 100% 105% +5%  kpi-target-exceeded Target exceeded
KPI 2: Percentage of compliance activities completed as  planned


Results by regulatory area:

  • 106 per cent of planned Resource Safety compliance activities were completed.
  • 101 per cent of planned Environment (Petroleum and Minerals) compliance activities were completed.

Our performance:

The department exceeded its target for percentage of compliance activities completed during the period by 5 per cent.

Petroleum environmental compliance exceeded targets as multiple scheduled reviews where undertaken throughout the year. The plan was to review every Environmental Report submitted. However, when activities change, an operator can submit another report resulting in multiple Environmental Reports being received from operators during the year.

Minerals environmental compliance activities reported 30 planned activities not completed. This was as a result of an extra 34 unplanned activities being undertaken with resources diverted to higher risk  activities.

Resource Safety conducted a greater number of compliance activities than anticipated. This was due to further refinement of the new KPI methodology in relation to mines safety compliance activities.

Dangerous Goods compliance activities increased due to additional Major Hazard Facility (MHF) inspections being undertaken. These  related to a number of post incident inspections as well as series of reclassifications that drove the need for additional inspections. The additional inspections were unforeseen and unplanned when the original KPI target was set.

Petroleum Safety compliance activities increased in part due to the Parliamentary inquiry into FIFO suicides. An additional industry-wide inspection program of the Psycho-Social Harm/OH&S practices was  implemented.

Section highlights

The department used the opportunity of developing the new KPIs to undergo an extensive administrative review program. This resulted in improved consistency in metrics, definitions and methodologies involved in reporting the composite performance measures across multiple business activities contributing to individual KPI measures.